Soulmates in Infinity Pool Aqua: The Original Wander Wet Bag

$ 40.00

The Original Wander Wet Bag ™:  12.5" x 10.5" - Perfect for wet swimsuits after beach, pool, and spa days


They say that when seahorses mate they wrap their tails around each other so the tide doesn't drift them apart.  The Soulmates Wander Wet Bag™ lets you stow your tide-kissed wet bikini in your evening bag so you can drift from beach blanket to happy hour without missing a beat.

Tote your swimwear and coverup to and from the pool or bring your workout clothes home from the yoga studio or gym. Hide your phone, keys, wallet, or sunglasses in your beach bag to keep them clean, dry, and sand-free. Relax at the day spa and keep your laundry or wet bikini isolated in your weekender. Protect your car from your wet suit after scuba diving or water skiing.

Water-resistant, eco-friendly, breathable, and machine washable, the Soulmates Wander Wet Bag™ is made using high quality, medium-weight, 100% cotton fabric with a waterproof, TPU interior lining.  Wander Wet Bags are designed in Encinitas, California and proudly Made in USA right here in the SoCal sun.


Soulmates in Infinity Pool Aqua Wet Bag