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Desert Nights Collection

Gorgeous desert sunsets and warm summer nights inspired our Desert Nights Collection Wander Wet Bags™. Chic boutique hotel pools, spiritual hot spring retreats, and glamping under the stars are all fair game when the desert calls. Lounge in the mist and shade by day before jumping in for a night swim when that summer heat arrives.


Desert Nights Wet Bags Collection

Wet Swimsuit Bags | Bikini Wet Bags

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Our customers love us

  • Love this bag. It's a perfect gift for your girlfriends on a getaway vacation or for yourself. The fabric is great quality. Happy I ordered.

    – Millie

  • Not only are these bags durable, well sized and water resistant, they are so adorable & chic. The pictures don't do these justice as the colors and quality are even better in person!! I can't wait to buy more!!

    - Lauren

  • The bag is absolutely beautiful and wonderfully vibrant (just like the person receiving it!). It’s the perfect size for a couple swim suits too, which will be perfect for her while she travels to different locations on her trip. Thank you for the beautiful product and the great communication during the shipping process!

    - Rebecca