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Eileen Zimmerman, Founder of Wander & Perch, with the Wear a Crown in Pineapple Wander Wet Bag™
Living by the beach in Southern California means there is always a reason to get out in the sun. If by chance it happens to be cloudy or otherwise "cold" (in other words less than 70F degrees), then you just head to hot yoga.

I found myself searching everywhere for a cute bag that I could put my wet bikini or yoga gear in as I zoomed around town, but everything was so... utilitarian. I decided to create my own super cute wet swimsuit bag that would be beautiful, reusable, reliable, and, most importantly, would make me smile every time I used it.

Initially I just made one bag to use myself, but soon my friends started asking me if I could make them some. I made a couple to carry my sons' change of clothes to swim class with and bring their wet bathing suits home with and other moms asked me where I got them. They worked so well that I made one to keep my phone dry, sand-free, and hidden in my beach bag.

One of my sisters-in-law wanted one for her trip to Belize. And another wanted one to organize my niece's diaper bag. I made a couple more for myself for my intimates so the TSA couldn't see my business when I went through airport security and fellow travelers asked me about them. Shortly thereafter, I realized I was on to something, and Wander Wet Bags was born.

Wander Wet Bags™ are locally designed in Encinitas, California and proudly Made in USA right here in the SoCal sun.

Life is too short for ugly plastic bags. Travel life beautifully.

Enjoy Today,

P.S. - Learn more about my #MadeInUSA Ethos