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Wet Bags by Wander Wet Bags

Super Cute, Powerfully Water-Resistant, Eco-Friendly, Wet Bags

You know who you are. You're a Jet Setter. A Girl Boss. A Wanderess. A Phenom. You can't be defined by a single title. You, my friend, are a Life Adventurer.

Life Adventurers are a unique breed. Dedicated to experiencing life, you strive to take advantage of everything our amazing world has to offer. You are brilliant and beautiful. Risk-taking and responsible. Earthy and urban. So why should you have to chose between pretty and practical when it comes to your travel accessories?

Super cute and super common sense, Wander Wet Bags™ are the best of both worlds, just like you are.

Wet Bag by Wander Wet Bags Mint Blue

Wet Bag by Wander Wet Bags Blue Seahorse

With gorgeous prints on the outside and powerful waterproof lining on the inside to make the perfect Wet Bag. Wander Wet Bags™ let you live in the moment and look polished at the same time.

So sneak in that last-minute dip in the hotel pool before jumping on your flight home. Go to Pilates before giving that keynote presentation. Your Wander Wet Bag™ will keep your wet bikini or post-workout gear separate from clean and dry items in your tote. And your (super)power suit will be ready when you're done relaxing.

#Wanderlust #EnjoyToday

The Wet Bag you've been waiting for, combining fashion with unparalleled design and functionality.


Wet Bag Coastal Collection

Coastal Collection
Wet Bags

Stash your phone, keys, wallet, and other dry essentials in a super cute Coastal Collection Wander Wet Bag to keep your beach tote perfectly organized.

The only digging around you'll be doing is with your toes in the soft, white, sand.

Wet Bags Resort Collection

Resort Collection
Wet Bags

Whether you're headed for a remote getaway or a local spa day our super cute wet swimsuit and wet bikini bags will enable you to take advantage of every amenity. Pack your swimsuit in a Resort Collection Wander Wet Bag and travel in style. You'll breathe even easier after a post-massage dip in the pool knowing your weekender is perfectly organized and dry as you jet set back home.

Wet Bag Luster Collection

Luster Collection
Wet Bags

Toss some shimmer in your suitcase with these metallic prints and let your soul shine. Remember that girl who used to adventure freely whenever the spirit moved her? She's still in there. Coax her back out with our Luster Collection.

Wet Bag Minimalist Collection

Minimalist Collection
Wet Bags

Simple. Solid. Subtle. Still for the ladies, but understated and uber useful for the men in our lives too. Introducing our Minimalist Collection of Wander Wet Bags ™